Package Delivery Inside Your Home?

It’s great having packages delivered to your home, and even if you’re not home, it’s nice to come home and find a package waiting for you on your doorstep.  During the holiday season, it’s not uncommon for people to find multiple packages at their door when they come home from work.

It’s also not uncommon to come home and find no packages at all, as thieves are well aware that large companies such as Amazon authorize carriers to leave packages on doorsteps when the occupants aren’t home.   Some thieves just follow the delivery trucks and load up on a packages so they can keep them for their own use or so they can sell them elsewhere.

amazon logoThis is a problem for both delivery companies and Amazon, and Amazon is working on a high-tech solution – leaving packages inside your home.

A lot of people might freak out over the prospect of delivery drivers coming into their homes when they aren’t home, and Amazon believes they have just the solution for that problem.  They’re testing the program in 37 cities and if you are a member of Amazon Prime and are willing to pay a $250 setup fee, you’ll be able to authorize having packages left inside for you.

What you receive for your $250 is Amazon’s Key In-Home Kit, which includes a camera and a smart lock for your door.  When the driver arrives at your home, he or she will verify that the address is correct and then Amazon will send you a notification that your package is about to be delivered.  You will have the choice of not accepting delivery, accepting delivery outside your home, or allowing the driver to enter and leave the package inside.

If you choose the third option, the driver will enter an access code to get inside the house and the camera will record the delivery, which you can watch live, if you like.

Amazon believes that this will work, as a lot of younger people are less paranoid about security than older adults.  They also think that the brand trust that they have established over the last 20 years will allow people to trust both the company and their delivery drivers.

amazon in-home deliveryWhile the cost of setup is expensive, it will allow you to see that the package has been securely delivered and that the driver hasn’t done anything other than leave the package inside your door.  It will also save both Amazon and their hired carriers millions of dollars in lost packages, as the amount of theft encountered each year is staggering.

It also looks like it might be a pretty good program for manufacturers of both smart locks and in-home cameras, too.  The tests will determine how well the program is received, and if it’s successful, it’s likely that the cost of the delivery kits will come down with time and economies of scale.

Wal-Mart is also experimenting with in-home delivery and in parts of California, they are even experimenting with in-home delivery of groceries, complete with having perishables placed inside the customers’ refrigerators.