Some news about the old Mupper:

Now I have made the first version of mupper for the efika! It is small and buggy. But it allows you to atleast to test your efika without installing anything. Enjoy! It’s just 3.3Mb big.

I have to announce that the mupper project is not dead. I have just been busy with other things. And I have also waited for a EFIKA machine so I can start making a EFIKA version of mupper. Some ideas of this version is to make it much smaller and make it more custombuild for the EFIKA. I have also got some bugreport of that mupper don’t work any good with the Pegasos1 machines. I don’t have one so I can’t test it. probobly just the kernel that is to big. If someone feels that they want to make a Pegasos1 version of mupper I happily will provide him/her with info.

Big news Mupper v1.0 is released. Now a full gcc is included with X and fluxbox. Also firefox is added. QT and GTK2+ toolkits is added. This released is a totaly makeover for mupper. And it has grown to 😛

Released the 0.5 version of mupper. Just a reminder. If you like my work and feel like donate some I have added a paypal button at my sponsors section

Added a paypal donation button, if you feel to donate to the mupper project

Mupper v0.4 has been released! now with usb-keyboard support and ASFS filesystem driver 😛

ERROR! There has been a filetransfer problem to my server the last iso of mupper-v0.3 didn’t work any good. I have made a new iso. Sorry for that!

Mupper v0.3 released. New things: more docs, and support for voodoo3/4/5 , and loadable modules for eg. filesystems

Added md5sums by request

Mupper v0.2-3se released with the new BETA gigabit driver. Test version. For working and stable gigabit use the 0.2-3 version

Mupper v0.2 released

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