Is Apple Too Serious About Security?

In technology, what you know is everything, and sometimes, that means that you need to know how to keep a secret.  We’ve seen with the current White House that keeping secrets is sometimes harder to do that it appears, and apparently, that is also the case with technology.

One thing that the tech world is constantly preoccupied with is wondering what the next i-something from Apple is going to be about.  The company’s security is generally pretty tight, but sometimes leaks come up.  A few years ago, someone accidentally left a prototype of a then-unreleased iPhone in a coffee shop somewhere and the entire world came unglued.

iphone x leak youtube videoThat hasn’t happened this time, but there was a bit of a security leak involving the not-yet-released iPhone X, and that leak ended up on YouTube and an engineer who was employed by Apple is now finding himself looking for work.

Apparently, an engineer for Apple named Ken Bauer had an iPhone X in his possession and he allowed his daughter to make a video of herself using the phone and showing off its features.   This all took place at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, apparently in the company cafeteria.

That alone might not present a problem, but the man allowed his daughter, a young woman named Brooke Amelia Peterson, to upload the video to YouTube.

iphone xBecause people on YouTube apparently have nothing better to do or are so obsessed with all things Apple, the video became, as they say, “a viral sensation,” racking up untold thousands of views before Apple requested that the video be removed from the YouTube site.

Apple also apparently requested that engineer Ken Bauer seek employment elsewhere.

This all seems a bit overblown to us, as the features of the iPhone X are not exactly a secret.  There was a press conference some time ago where Apple not only showed off the phone, but allowed journalists to test it out and examine its features.

That being the case, it’s not as though the phone depicted in the video was unusual in any way, nor is it likely that the phone had any features that will not be available when the phone goes for sale to the public in a few weeks’ time.

It’s possible, we suppose, that the phone being shown in the video was not a production model but was instead a prototype that had other features that are not going to be available in the production models, but there was nothing in the video to suggest that.  It appears to be just the same model that was shown to the press some time ago.

Is Apple taking this to extremes?  Or are they just making an example of this particular engineer in order to stop employees from taking the chance of showing the public something that might still be a secret?  We don’t know.  From our perspective, the whole thing seems overblown.

We’re not sure if this is an example of Apple simply sticking to the letter of the law regarding their company policies, or if they actually have some deep, dark secrets that they’re trying to protect.

For now, it’s all a mystery.

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